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Ravanan-- Vikram and Mani!! U both Rocked

After tremendous pressures from Bch, V did go to Ravanan this Sunday!! Did I enjoy it??

      YES!! Had a wonderful time with my friends today... Yup and went on drooling about Vikram and Prithviraj... When you are with a hardcore Mani ratnam fan, you can’t help but to go on hearing her praises for him (thanks to Bch)... But had to agree with her this time too... He did rock as usual... And when was the last time out hearts loved the anti-hero?? ” Nayagan” Kamal?

      Again Vikram steals all our hearts with his sheer brilliant acting as Veera... Prithviraj has played his role as Dev, in such a subtle way that enhances Veera’s role... Ash… What could I tell of her...? She has done role neat... But looks!! Come on, isn’t she little too old to play wife of Prithvi and by God’s name she looks her age... Though most of my friends even disagree with me, I would stand by my words... Others like Prabhu, Karthik do their usual charms...

        Back to Mani Ratnam’s laurels... Trying to recapture the magic of one of the greatest epics of India and doing it without stirring any political chaos deserve kudos... Wonderfully written screenplay and clever casting has always been his trademark... Almost every scene is aptly modified from the epic but not overdoing it and making it sound like a spoof... But in projecting Ravanan as the protagonist, has he done injustice to Raman’s character? Or is injustice is the way we have been made to think of Raman already by our elders, to outshine Ravanan??  This simple question led to such big argument with my friends- yet the answer is still undecided!!

    Personally for me, the film should have ended with at least a slap from Ragini to Dev... But then it wouldn’t be a Mani’s film right? ;)

Bottom-line:  Clever storyline, great casting, colorful locations and great camera... totally a CATCH IT!!!!

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  1. Oii........ at last saw yor blog.. he he.. Yessss.. i feel they hav don injustice to raman character.. but i can even take it as they hav not spoken much abt it as the hero is ravan.. natuarally they need not and as a mani's fan i shd support him. But ppl.......... pls don compare this dev character with ram. It shd not be compared and couldn't be. Otherwise the film was too good.. Obvoiusly.. i loved it as i'm watchin a good movie in theatre afer years...


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