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I am stumped !!!

        I guess my creativity is stumped again.. Ya.. Totally stumped...

I write a line, hit del+ del+ del + del key... After a little swearing, again I write a few lines then again I hit the del button.. UGH.. I calm myself close that *darn* word sheet and open a new one, as if a new sheet would help my brain wake up... Totally irritates me when this happens...

     Talk to me about perseverance... This is almost the fifth time I am doing this, and I am not stopping till I put up one post today... Some Century Schoolbook it so gets my nerves... Does it happen to you?? And by you, I don’t mean the swarming crowd that doesnt even bother to read this blog... I mean to the handful of people who read this post just because I keep pestering them to... Thank you guys, for putting up with me and my crazy ideas...

    So where was I?? Ya, does this ever happen to you?? That you want to tell something or do something, but you can’t just because you don’t have the *brain* helping.. Like those Century Schoolbook when the answers stand at the throat's end but it wouldn’t flow to your tongue?? The time when you decide you are going to show out your anger, but you get so flabbergasted that words dont fall out... Yeah I guess this is one of those moments..

So moral of this short blah blah : I am totally, completely, surely NORMAL !!!!!

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