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He Strikes Again !!!

            Scribbled this up on a hectic Friday morning, during rush hour traffic jam.. I wonder I can get more reckless (carefree or whatever euphemism I can manage) than this ever again, to forget about me getting late or the piled up pending work or even the long tiresome journey... But I managed to scoop it up!! May not be my best, But sure a recovery for my "writer's block" LOL.. HAPPY HAPPY!!!

Once again there astrides
My armoured masked Prince
Abreast on his white horse
Deathly blows of wind
Still I untear myself forward
to undo his treacherous mask

To undo his treacherous mask
"Thud" I fall down
Off my rampled bed
Dream, I tell myself -  again
He might have vanished
But not gone, forever
Tomorrow is mine

Tomorrow is mine
He will be back
Bygone maybe his horse
Replaced by a Hardley
Armour by an Armani
Nothing alike today
Yet its all the same...
My silly world of dreams

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