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10 things I learned in the last 10 months

Turning back to the past few months, I realized suddenly I am no longer the person I was. I don't like the same things I did. For better or worse, this is what I am now. Once again, I was trying to jot down something else and I ended up writing this list. Oh yeah, this habit of starting one thing and ending  elsewhere isn't one of the things that has changed with time. Some random things that I ended learning in the past few months.
  1. It is okay not to have to take part in every conversation. Sometimes being there is all that matters. Silently watching and listening to people having intense conversations on topics you don't have a clue about could be fun. Conversely, when you don't have a clue about a topic, it is always better to stay out of it. Sounds too obvious, but trust me, it was not.
  2. Meeting like-minded people can not be a part of the to do list. Meeting like-minded people happens while you tick off things from your to do list.
  3. It is okay to leave people, memories and their extra luggage behind in life, even if they were good people and good memories. Letting the past memories go is all it takes to create newer memories.
  4. Money is everything. This can not be more emphatic than on a weekend, when all your friends are as broke as you and you want to have a great time.
  5. Sometimes, money is not everything. This can not be more emphatic than on a weekend, when all your friends are as broke as you and you want to have a great time. And then you have a great time
  6. Never ever ever go shopping alone.
  7. Never ever ever go shopping alone. In a mall. When you need nothing. Period.
  8. People judge you. Even your own friends will judge you. You might think that friendship meant not being judged, but understood. Those rules expired once you were out of college.
  9. Most people are not out there to hurt you or put you down. They have got their own lives to live. So in case if they do, it is a part of some other larger picture, which you may or not have control about. So take the high road. Keep moving on. In the long term, people worth having you, come around. Note: most people.
  10. I am not who I was last year. Better or worse,  I have changed,  you have changed. Time has passed. If it was meant to be and if we were meant to be,  we would be still friends. If we are not,  nothing is lost,  we have just become new us. Let go and move on.


  1. Attitude or character never change. Its our reaction towards the changes in life and the environment around us.

    1. Everything is variable. People (including me) give different reactions to similar situations at different times, what you say about that?


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