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I have always wanted to feature a series in my blog and realized that it should be something I love to do 'continuously'. you know about me even a teeny bit - that is something I have never been able to handle smoothly and even have great fails to prove it.

I am done being just envious of people with perseverance and focus - so here I am presenting the idea of posting 'quotes' that I love from the books and authors that I am crazy about, for 100 days. Yes you heard it right - for 100 days. I am not even slightly confident that I can do this - but still going to take a shot it. Here is the deal:

I am planning to post quotes from books that I love and rave about, as a series in the Facebook page.
So just go ahead like the page here and keep up with the #100daysofbookquotes. 

Feel free to send me your favorite quotes to my inbox or share them by the comment section. 


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