Book Review: The God Of Small Things

Book review The God of Small Things Here is my long pending review on “The God of Small Things”. Though I was a little skeptical through the first few pages, the description of the story through the eyes of children got me all geared up. 

Title: The God of Small Things
ISBN: 0679457313 (ISBN13: 9780679457312)
Author: Arundhati Roy 
Genre: Fiction - Historical
Main Characters: RahelAmmuMammachiChackoEstha
Setting: Kerala

Small Things (pun intended) like the way she had described “Accurate Estha”, “Thimble drinker Sophie Mol”- made the reading more enjoyable. The way the children read the words backward reminded my childhood nostalgically. I wonder if everyone went through the same phase. There were several places that I had people staring at me because I was grinning too much, while reading the book in public places. Especially the innocence of the children in reasoning the death of Ms Mitten, about Rahel being loved but a little bit lesser etc.
The storyline was predictable but the narration did all the work- in making me complete the book.
In short, the book was all that it was spoken about- natural, funny and deeply touching. It had all it is needed for a hit- humor, romance, lust and of course some villainous character.
Bottom-line: Read till the end to before making conclusions. 

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