Poem: Parents

I wish they did know
I might get cranky,
I might act crazy,
I wish they did know,
It’s just because I knew,
I’ve them to fall back on.

Am sure, the choices I’ve made,
May have got them mad,
I wish they did know,
Of the pressure I face,
And the dreams I chase.

I know not all of them,
Could turn out right,
I wish they understand,
It is better that now learn then later,
When I’ve them to fiend.

Tiny I might be, yet,
Trust is all I expect,
I wish they knew/ believe,
I do just what I’ve to,
Like any adult would do!!

With many issues,
We don’t agree,
I wish they just knew,
No matter what I do,
Trusting them, I do!!

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