Poem: A Day in my Life

Some days you feel you are ready to conquer the world. Everything comes quite naturally to you. You don't hate getting up, you don't hit the snooze thrice. You don't swear, you don't cuss. Everything is calm and nice. Today is not one of those days!  In fact I can't remember such a day. Most of my days are like these.

“Get up!” yelled the clock
Making my head rock!
A pause to my Princess dream
And back to my routine stream!

Lectures from my dad,
On getting up late
Make me go mad
And curse my fate!

I search for the right fabric
Stormed between fashion and ethnic!
Then munch my idlis
Counting my calories!

“It’s late!” I shout
And run to catch the train
“Will I or not?” a doubt
As always, runs in my brain.

“Hi!” Yell my friends,
And start our talk about trends
And other hot gossips
Roll out of our lips!

We attend the classes
Mostly at the canteens
Emptying our glasses
As most of the other teens!

We hear our Professor’s cough
Which shuns our fun off!
We run to the classrooms
But then goes the bell, vroommm!!

Out we come, not fast,
Leaving all laziness past!
Full of laughter
But not a bit faster!!

I enter meekly into my house
As the phone goes “tring tring”
I pick it up like a mouse
And I start my “bling bling”

As the bill soar,
So does my Dad’s pressure
Just as he starts to roar,
I put down my treasure!!

Again I munch my food,
With my eyes glued,
On TV, then fall in bed,
To sleep as deep as dead!!

Reels my dreams again,
And to stop all my pain,
And to cool off my head,
As I doze off my bed!!

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