My Life: Nostalgic Sunday

Nostalgic Sunday
Yippieee! It is a Sunday. Waking up jus to be lazying around the home, while the surprise packet waited outside.

The slight drizzle, cloudy climate even at eight (rare at Chennai), wet mudMother nature at its best. and I hear my mom "Sunday naa, coffee kuda leave ah"Nothing could stop me from that coffee (yup, kaappi thanni, in my dad's lingo), especially on such a beautiful dayI take that kaapi outside to veranda, pick up the Hindu's Magazine (rarely I read the main paper, yeah, thats me)Sipping the filter coffee with Hindu on hand, I nostalgically think of my grandpaWhere did those years run awayThere used to be some sort of hierarchy we followed even in reading those papers.

Usually Thaatha greets the newspaper guy (I used to call him thaatha too) and gets The Hindu and Thinathanthi papers, and starts reading, rather seeing the tamil paperMy dad by this time would be glancing at the HinduYeah glancing is the wordThen Paati would arrive with Kaapi for bothBoth would continue with the papers, sipping it (as I did just now, a para ago)By then I would have woken up, come around asking for The Hindu's Young World or such, just to be part of the sceneDad being Dad, wont let me, because he wouldnt want to mix up the papersSo I would have to satisfy myself with Siruvar Malar from thaathaThen they would exchange papersEven if Thaatha hadnt finished he would tell "Appa has to go to office, let him finish". 

Then I will have to pass those papers to my uncle (athimber), who live actually next to usAfter him, my athai readsThen it finishes it circle and reaches back to thaatha around 11 or so, who would have completed his bath, Pooja and brunch routineHe then would complete his thorough reading of paper again. 

Gone are those daysNow dad enjoys his complete Monopoly over his morning papersBUT NOT TODAYI have my chance, HAHAHAHA (thats supposed to be a villainous laughter) 

Oh no
, Dad has already read it :( :( Effects of getting up by eight :(
Ya, Sipping coffee and paperYeah Best of SundayHope You have your own sunday stories,!

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