Did U hear who was that??

I never knew I was so notorious... Oh yeah, I knew I was a little but not this famous.. This happened just last week, on an otherwise uneventful weekday...

Once in a blue moon, I start early that evening, like some 6.30ish and get a bus quite quickly.. Of course I didn't expect to get a seat right away, nor I got.. So there I was standing in the bus, as ever silently and forwarding some useless SMS to everyone I know.. And boards this aunt into my bus and stands near me, giving me a quick smile.. I return it and end of it...

I, meaning the bus with me, quickly pass through Thirumangalam and CMBT, much to my wonder and I get two seats and the aunt asks me if she can get the corner seat... I nod my head hoping she would get down soon and I can grab that corner seat... And all this by 7.05 pm!!! Only people who commute through that route would understand what my wonder is all about.. So we cross CMBT and the expected happens.. TRAFFIC JAM between MMDA and Vadapalani.. I keep myself busy with my texting and since am quite accustomed to more worse jams, I didnt mind I guess..

So the aunt asks me to tell when a particular stop comes... I assure her I would and continue my happy texting... Then she asks me about the traffic frequency etc.. There we go chatting in an idle way... She asks me about my qualification, where I work etc... I usually dont engage in conversations with strangers as such, but this time I let myself loose... So I tell her about the travel, traffic etc... And around 8.15, she gets down at Pillar.. Yeah, MMDA to Pillar an hour... For the benefit of those who dont get the point, there is just stop between them, a mere ten min journey which had extended for an hour... After she gets down, I get cozy in that corner seat, settle with a book till my stop comes..

Later at night, I get a call from my ex colleague, Priya... After just a hello, she asked me if I would talk to anyone... I go like WHAT!!! She asks "especially in bus"?? Then it strikes me slowly, it was her mom, whom I hadnt met earlier.. But I hadnt told my name to my Co passenger, how the hell did Priya find it was me... Quite ingenious of her and silly of me.. Here is how it got rolled out..

Her mom had been ranting about the traffic and then about meeting a girl, who happened to be a Cost accountant... In XXX co, which was quite near their place.. She travels such a long distance... So Priya asks about my location and stuff, and her mom tells her... Priya gets curious and asks her mom if she asked her name, there goes Boing!!!  No She hadnt.. But she adds the girl had curly hair... Later comes the big break through "the girl kept messaging all the while she was talking in her black phone... Hey she had a touch screen mobile"... End of it, the story is out and I get the call..

So who is to be blamed.. who gave it away... Me or my beautiful, multifunctional, addictive touchscreen, Samsung Corby mobile???


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