Happy friendship Day

Wonderful Creatures these friends are!! Creatures?? Ya who else, particularly sane mind would accept me, this-absolutely normal most of the times--whacky other times-nerdy in between these moments-lass as friend??
It does require a lot of patience and lot more of adventure spirit and lot lot more of craziness to stay a friend :) Thank god, there are enough of those weirdos around me, it not who knows--- I might be bugging you!!  (YIPESS Creepy right?)

          So getting back to square one... Happy friendship day dear, near and not-so-near ones!! So what did I do all through this day!! Usual stuff.. bouncing between Facebook and blogs.. And not so usual stuff, ie. almost not touching my treasured possession "Samsung Corby".. Thanks to those additional charges on the SMSs sent today, UGH!!!! Thats a pretty lame thing to do, you mobile networks. or whatever they are called!!!

             O...K I am again going out of the topic!!! Again!! Friends, Friendship day And so stuff right??? Fine fine... I got a poem with me for all the dear ones... Happy??

Soon will be the days
when-1000s mean nothing to you
         late nights a routine

Soon will be the days
when-friends may lapse to contacts
         parties to a meet

Soon will be the days
When- a day off equals heaven
         shopping maybe mere "buying things"

Soon will be the days
When- you faintly recogonise faces
          much worse their names

I just hope one of these days
You may flip through our memories
Sure I may not bring down tears,
Just a silly grin
with a pout of nostalgia
to reach out to your dears!!

Farewell my friends
Fare well!!!
Cheers to my friends and friendship day..

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