Bus BUZZ!!!

Travelling to work in our beloved public buses could be quite enlightening.. No, I mean it. Having been using it for the past five months I have learnt several survival techniques. And if you forget the basics even for a minute you could land up trouble ranging from “a glare from co passenger, aka co sufferer to flow of several un-parliamentary words from a co passenger {CP}.

Rule one: Never look interested.. Never ever.. Give them the benefit of interest, you will be pulled into their own world of complains, miseries and drama… Even if you couldn’t suppress your smile, don’t look at them…  Done it? You are jumping into some bottomless pit.. Of course few of it might be interesting.. Take it from me, Ms. Genuinely-interested Looks, 80% would be crap…

If a family boards in to the bus with a number of females, don’t dare to think you can grab a seat before they all get seated. One gets a seat, catches the next one for her relative, then for the next, till the very small kid gets one. Other CPs should be a mute spectator, not that she can do anything about it since they round up the ‘would be’ empty seats. Some directly ask you where you are going to get down, something like booking. And then if you had got a seat earlier, you get to have their kids on your lap. Not that I have anything against kids, it is just would make you mad too, if they would not sit still on your lap and start pulling out your treasured mobile. But writing about the kids could be another post.

There are few fringe benefits added to this travel. Be it unsolicited advices, friendly gossips, even sometimes reviews over the film you wanted to see. I remember a time, when a drunkard started preaching on communism. In pure tamil, quoting verses from Thirukural to our CM.. Not to forget mentioning our superstar Rajini… took me aback with his fluency even in such drunk state..

A post on bus journey without a word about fight?? Fight for seat, fight for ladies seat, fight for change, fight with the conductor for his language, with the driver for not opening the door.. Whoa!! Quite a lot of things we raise voice to… I wonder why we never find these voices  that create hue and cry over simple things, come out in hour of need?? It is come Wonder called Humans!!!
Hmmm.. So why am I talking about bus? I am seeing it all, almost daily.. And to those of you who are with me in this, CHEERS to you.. For putting up with it with ease and style… And those wjo haven’t had the chance, applaud us and our patience!!


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