Turning the clock back!

Sometimes we do wish for things that could never be fulfilled, just like this one... maybe wishing itself may sound stupid!! Yet, wish is a wish, Right??

I wish I could turn back
The clock for once;
Reaching out to my pasts
Over my still realities!!

I wish I could erase off
Much of that remorse,
Trying to ease up 
These guilt pangs!!

I wish I could make up
All the time I had lost;
Over the silliest of fights
Instead of these lonely nights!!

I wish I could trade out
Somehow, if only I could,
My earned indifference to
The long lost innocence!!

Only if it were possible!
Only if it were possible!
Impossible sure it is,
So high is the price of growing up!!!


  1. Cool one...,But sadly am not qualified enough to review this.....

  2. Am jus happy that u spent time to read or at the least visit :)

  3. Hey dear its really good... Reminds me of r school dayssss...:)


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