Awesome Twosome :)

When two great people (me and Regi) are totally at same wavelength, unexpected outcomes are natural :) That day (no no I am not gonna day tell which day and timing, Both of us would be in trouble then) we decided to do something crazy( usual :) ) The following verse ( we are modest not to call it poem, but you guys SHOULD say it is )

           Alternate lines were rendered by each of us.. that too we were not near each other, only the godforsaken mobile SMS helped us..LOL..
LG:    Heaven on earth
Regi: Emotions from birth
LG:   Unreleased until I met You
Regi: Reflecting the lovely
         waves of deep blue
LG:  Rays of Joy and hope
          is all I'll give you
Regi: Years have passed
         since I met you
        Evergreen my love is
        towards you
LG:  Time hasnt moved
        Yet we have grown up
         With the pain and sorrows
        And all I could remember is
        you've been with me
Regi: Your presence in my dreams and cries
          And all your charming lies
           And it went on and on, till we had to stop somewhere.. Gr8 Regi!! had loads of fun.. It may not be sounding as good as it did that day, but it is okkkk.. esp for a start.. Hope we do this lot more.. Its Fun!!!

LG:   Lies they were yet

        they had their own delights