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Ayodhya Issue to be verdicted tomorrow !!!

    Tomorrow some of the schools even offices are getting closed.. All for a verdict which is in no way be of any use to our daily life.. Ya.. The 60year old Ayodhya issue is to be verdicted on 30Oct 2010, by the Supreme Court of India... The Supreme Court settling a land/Property issue.. Guys, Am I missing something in here... Oh yeah, the ol' Hindu-Muslim clashes... Intensified by the political parties for their own benefits.. 

    Come on... Do we or they seriously care more for the temple or the Mosque? By this Dont judge me as non religious, I am religious but not as much as that I would die for a building.. Yeah Rama might have had a temple there and some others built a mosque.. So what? A few fanatics demolished the mosques, put them behind bars or whatever they do usually.. I dont understand the hue and cry about it.. And for the issue to whom does the land belong, some peaceful solution should be sought out.. For instance, why dont they decide that neither of them could demand building,instead some educational institution could be built.. Who knows, this could be diplomatic..

     But the problem is not anymore the building or the place or even the verdict.. From when did we Indians become so intolerable... I mean over the last 60 years this issue has been creating so many damages, on and off.. And all to benefit whom? some unscruplous politicians.. Why dont we see through the politics and Move on with it..I have visited this Ramjanmabhoomi, and as a Hindu I did feel little emotional or even closer to God but only till I heard the "talk to righteousness" by some fanatic.. He was a fantastic orator, no doubt, but one who got his messages all wrong... I have enough Muslims brothers and sisters whom I can live with in harmony, unlike him.. I did sigh a relief only after we ran out of his place, into the safety of the hundreds of policemen..

Being born later, I have escaped these issues at their peak.. And maybe thats why I dont understand the seriousness or something.. But I feel I am better off without knowing it.. For me life is the same way if there was a mosque or a temple at Ayodhya.. I pity for those people whose life is put to jeopardy because some idiots are intolerable towards other religion,like the one I was talking about earlier.. So I think we should put back the issue all together outof our minds (maybe) and concentrate into our routine lives of Facebook and traffic.. Thats our life, not clashing between our Muslim or Hindu communities... 

Looking forward to matured Indian Minds

Update: As I post this, Karnataka Government has declared two days of ban orders... OOOF... What am i supposed to feel? frustrated or jealous??


  1. wel, afte today i kinda realised dat many ppl think like u! dats y no violence yet... seriously, i think the country has more serious issues to break their heads bout!

  2. "Verdicted....".. Loved the usage. I did not read the post fully.

  3. Yet Happy that I did get a comment :P
    BTW, doesnt "Verdicted" exist???

  4. Perhaps I never saw it being used anywhere earlier..


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