Book buying spreee!!

I am back to my book addiction after a sort of Sabattical break... Anyways I got around eight books... No no not from your Oxford Landmark areas... My own, Chennai's heart, dirty and best of all second hand stalls... NOW NOW dont give me that look.. I am seriously in love with that area... I know I wont be able to afford those hard cover books as of now, but not able to control my desires too... Again anyways I have bought eight books as of this week shopping..

And this post isnt about the books (for a change) but the place.. To tell the truth I just hate that place, no no, its a kind Love/Hate things.. Those of you, who have visited Moor market at Chennai would immediately understandment my resentment to the place... Dirty, smelly and downright scruffy place.. The place is like the one you find in the cinemas where that Dhadhas are having their alcohol.. Actually I secretly concieve that half of them are drunk at eleven in the morning... Yeah I maybe exaggerating a little; but that was the effect they had in me... Still why I went in there!! For the love of books lol and saving my pocket... Now tell me which woman wouldnt want some mystery or romance to her life, at the least at this iota level?? 

But I do love this wicked place for its own pits.. you never know what little treasures you are gonna pick or stumble upon... he he.. Of course you never know... You might accidently pick a p**n book quite innocently and then drop it back, turn and check if anyone saw you... And sigh a relief, pick another book again... The shopkeeper acts cool, doesnt mind you picking anything as long as you pay him.. And if you are a woman, he tries to hide his grin... And you have to smile sheepish... Thats another story...

Another surprising fact is the knowledge about books of the shopkeepers.. For a second hand booksellers they are well versed of the titles and authors... And if u just let them grab the moment, you could end up at buying some third hand book for an arm.. But all this adds up to the charm of the place.. 

So I wrecked up my pockets and got some books... from a lousy but inriguing place, Yeah I know its just a line story and dragged it up a bit longer... But am recouping from a long sleep that I have al;most stopped blogging.. So put up with  me....

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