School Memories!!

              That day I heard my neighbour's kids talking about their school and teachers, wait a min.. it was my school too.. Yeah same school... Hey no!! from what I hear its no more my school!! Gone are those teachers, classes etc.. I wish so badly that those days were back..

                  I could confidently say that I have had the best days at school, esp the later years.. I dont even think my current day's "fun" could be comparable to them.. And how
much fun we had, with the little freedom we had... We had always somebody bugging or *watching over* us, still we had the best of fun..

    But we were easily satiable then.. We never required these X-box-s, Playstations, chat, mails etc.. All we cared for was the forty minutes PT period twice or once a week... And some teacher to go on leave... Oh boy!! Good ol' times...

            I could remember the Mondays mornings when we assembled in white uniforms, shoes etc, hoping we would pass the "white shoe" inspection... Then the flag hoist, birthday wishes etc... Of course some announcement otherwise called some lecture on what not to do or rather "what we did" would be there... And we would be hoping fervently that at-least ten minutes of the first hour class would be over by the time this announcement gets over... But our teachers never let that happen..

    And who forget could the projects we did as groups!!! Wasting all the time till the last two days and then hurrying up to complete the same, at one of our houses... Of course we did not have the internet to suffice our teachers, who were very particular in handwritten projects which made it more time consuming.. Would we submit our project or not, will be the million dollar question.. And if we didnt submit, would we reach home back alive-- would be the next worry.. Yeah!! fun filled days...

        Someday I would write a longer version of this nostalgic school days, but not now... Because I am in such a bitter and sleepy mood, which may dampen the happy experience of writing about my favorite topic "school days".. So just wait along...

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