How to know if U R ADDICTED to computers

So.. Its official addiction to internet is a disease, Yet have a laugh finding if u are in it too.

1. U search for Ctrl Z, as soon as u tear up a paper.
2. U need a Ctrl F, each time u misplace ur pen.
3. U know and use  "LOL", "ROFL", "BRB" even as u talk.
4. U google up ur own "name" "id" etc, atleast once a month, just to see the number of hits.
5. U check ur mail every ten minutes.
6. U talk to ur siblings, friends or even spouse, more through "facbook" than in person.
7. Ur friends list have persons whom u meet daily but have never talk or smile at them in person while u  spend time "liking" and "commenting" on their wall.
8. U purchase almost everything from groceries to gift online.
9. U refresh the page every minute to see if anyone is online.
10. U wish U could Google "car keys" to find them.. Damn U cant!!

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