World Cup Mania

         This post is sure not going to tell or explain the nuances of cricket, its drives or is not even about the cricketers themselves.. Yet it is about cricket.. It is about the best part of cricket.. Read out aloud.. :P This post is a collection of my thoughts on several chords, hence dont try to find a thread between them..

           So.. Today is World Cup Final 2011... India meets Sri Lanka..  And here I am sitting in front of the PC and not looking at the scores.. :P Of ocurse I am hearing the commentary from the high pitched screeches and shrills of my family members..

          The roads are totally empty from noon and almost my office was half empty today.. Now that tells the importance given to cricket in this country.. Of course, the best part of cricket, or any other game is the audience, both those at the stadium and others from houses glued to their TVs, their PCs etc.. I sometimes wonder why such a hype for a game?? Yeah thats a question I better not ask any other sane Indian, else I might get hurt..

        Being a cricket non enthusiast, I have found many of the fans and their tales very queer and nuisance.. By quirky I dont mean shrieks, claps, whistles or even mid night crackers, which are absolutely normal among cricket enthusiasts.. The cinemas, ever-crying-serial-heroines and even high profile scams take a back seat during this season.. I dont mind putting the scam stories in same line with other entertainments, I find a lot common among them.. But thats a story for another day..

         With SMSes and word all around the internet calling Sachin a God, I feel Oh God!! Maybe true that he plays a wonderful cricket and is a true masterblaster, but at the end of the day he is just doing his job, like you and me for a pay (way a lot more than us, of course).. I dont seriously get it..
         Cricket is sure an interesting game to watch " twenty two players, two bats, one ball and two stumps" and of course three umpires.. Hey and nowadays a two reviews for each side.. I get the whole picture... Very interesting (though I don’t understand how) to watch, shout and screech.. But I hate the way people react when I tell them "I am not keen on India winning".. As if I am a traitor, invariably I am called unpatriotic.. Yeah for someone who is very much looking forward to vote, to pay taxes and someone with a lot of social sense of responsibility, I am unpatriotic.. All because I dont shout, shriek or even look the "cup picture" a second time..

          I am now thinking about the next two months after this world cup... THE IPL DRAMA.. Cricket + glamour from cine stars + entertainment (remember Bhajji and Sreesanth? ) + loads of money (of course not for us) waiting.. Somehow I find lesser lesser cricket :P So all I ask is more endurance, more patience to stay sane throughout this season :)


  1. hey lg it seems to be u dont have any work..... but watever u said is absolutely true.........

  2. People always need some distraction, some focus point, some passion to turn their attention to away from the pointless life most of us are leading anyway. It gives them a convenient escape route not to think of their daily worries, their credit card dues, their child's marriage obstacles, wreck of a family which they might have and what not. Sport just happens to be one such succour much like the world of cinema.

  3. It sure does.. But I get worried only when this distraction becomes fanaticism..

  4. That fanaticism exists just at that moment ya.. The boring routine interrupts and prevent it from getting any further barring one or two stray incidents... It is always difficult to understand when one doesn't share that spirit much like preaching about God to an atheist or vice versa... In truth every person is passionate about his/her own beliefs and thinks it is the 'right'est thing in the world.. An illiterate person can never understand about how passionate one can be about the books or the habit of reading bordering on near fanaticism.. Am I talking sense or sounding like a cynic.??

  5. Just because one cannot comprehend or understand something does not make it wrong or incorrect.. Its just that they are different and think different from how I think.. Lest I may be misunderstood, I make it clear that what I say is in a generic sense and nothing like criticising you.. Just trying to understand why people think the way they are..


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