Bus travel again, but a difference !

 As each day morning opens with promises to liven it up, but as the day wears off the enthusiasm shuns off and by the time I board the bus/ train home I am already half wishing it won’t be morning sooner..

            Today resolving I wouldn’t fall off to the clutches of fatigue and dullness I get into the already overcrowded bus... After the usual struggle to get a foot space to board in, then plunging straight into the rush, I couldn’t control my sleep and not wanting to be one hell of a specter who sleeps while standing (not that I have not done it ), I lazily try to stare at everyone around just to realize turning around or even stretching a muscle would prove impossible in this crowd… Hell!! How would I spend my two hours journey? Of course I had my treasure “mobile phone” in my hands and as ever I was texting in it… But again, I was bored… Then the naughty side in me woke up… I decide to get prankey…

            Being the Ms. Goody Girl { ;) } I set up a target that is too difficult to myself even - to get as many as exasperated, hot, annoyed, irritated and other synonymous looks as possible.. I make immediate plans to carry out the plan..

Step one:
             I ask the person sitting nearby to hold my bag as sweetly as possible… Unknowing of the dangers lurking behind, she did fall for my smile and got my bag..

Step Two:
             I start to search for my purse inside the huge bag, with it still lying on her lap… Come on I was trying to get ticket, no harm intended… Then I ask the person standing near you to pass your ticket.. Ahh hmmm before that I do have a better plan, why don’t I give the conductor all change that he needs? Again I was just trying to do my bit to help him.. So with a mobile in a hand, actually half with my hand and then supported by my chin ;) Trying to pick 11 Rs. as coins can prove to be more than tiring, especially in a crowded bus as that.. Then I ask the next person to hand over the change carefully but inform your stop inaudibly, mumbling would suffice.. I make sure they ask atleast twice… Never forget the sheepish grin… Nothing more than grin could aggravate a person J Should I Keep reminding the person about the ticket every ten seconds, even if you know they have passed it forward.. Oh yeah, I should J

Step Three:
            So I get my ticket… is it the end of my disturbance.. No.. One should keep it safe in one’s bag right? So I dig into that never ending tunnel called my bag and of course, it obviously disturbing one or two or maybe five or six fellow commuters..

Step Four:
            Here is the ultimatum… Sure this will bring out the angry devil looks from the lady who smiled at me while offering to safeguard my bag to the guy / uncle (depends) who is obviously gawking at me… I once again put my hands into my bag and pull out my precious “Gone with the wind” book… Then managed to put my headset and started to hear songs… As if completely unaware of what is happening around me… Of course I am and loving every minute of the exasperating stares and all the looks that said the unspoken words “nuisance” J But again, isn’t that my aim…

            That eases my guilt on not performing my best on being a pest, something I mastered early on in my life. :P And when I got down from the bus after about one and forty five, after trying hard not to fall over the people around on every brake our driver put, not to let my treasure “phone” or the age old classic fall off my hand… And all this while holding to that single bar on to which about five or six hands were already glued to… Ooohhh… a remarkable sense of achievement J Anyway, I got off the bus with my trademark impish grin and a dozen sighs of relief from the fellow commuters J

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