Mission Clean up !!

Imagine this... You have exactly two hours time and your uncle or aunty is about to drop into your room. IN ADDITION, of course, as ever your room is in a mess... You can either choose to leave things as they are and get a load of lecture from your parents after they leave or, like me decide to venture to do the impossible... YEAH!! Clean up the mess and escape from the wrath of the seething lectures...

To make you understand, the real life rules (read as life saving) have been explained below

Rule one: Let your stereos roar high...You can hear your favorite music as well as avoid hearing the usual groans from your parents "Havent I always told you to room clean?"{Mom's} "When would you start doing things without us telling you?" {Ya! dad's} and the most annoying, "I cleaned my room last week even" {There!! Little Ms Perfect}

That is what happened to me now... But I am unperturbed... and my mind voice reels "evlovo pannitom, etha pannamaatoma?" and I tip toe into my room... I let Shakira rule my room to create some magic with her music, and in the hope to drown the screeches of the other unmusical sounds from the other end of my house...

I decide to start from the most difficult but most interesting job of all. I pull down all my books from my shelves... For the lazy girl I am, I quite surprise myself sometimes... I never knew I had so many books {he he, that is a lie!! I perfectly know the count any day} but each time I have to clean my room I promise myself no more book shopping... That is a promise I am never going to keep up, because each time I see a bookshop, I go weak in my knees... Fine back to the job at hand, I start sorting up the books...  Now time for rule two

Rule Two: Never show your speed in cleaning your things; else you are the one who would feel later... The faster you disperse the clutter, the more you will need something or the other from it very soon... The most probable things you will end up losing are, your IDs, photos etc. I have lost count of the times I have misplaced my assignments to CDs. Throw one paper out; next day you will need it.

Rule three: Do not let anyone help you. I mean do not let them stay with you and clean up, you will end up getting more lectures than help... Yeah, true life experience J

Rule Four: Do not follow any set rules or order for your things… Or better keep changing them once in a while… Just so, because no one would be able to point out those things are not in order…

Rule Five: Keep being or pretending busy till the guest arrives, so that our dear homies wouldn’t find time to start “You could have avoided the last minute tension if you had already been doing it” pieces of advices…

If the rules are followed in strict sense, you really may have a chance to escape the wrath of your parents and the delight of your siblings… Pl note the bold and underlined word… But of course, if you want to seriously avoid them, YOU SHOULD HAVEALREADY BEEN CLEANING THE ROO, WITHOUT WAITING FOR THE LAST MINUTE… Oopss… I could not control on the last line, when else would I get the chance to use these lines!!


  1. Hi

    This is a real scene not only in your house but everywhere!!!!

    We parents are always villains for you youngsters but just imagine if you are not in home and had to go to office on this day of your aunt’s visit……
    Could you have found time to do all these work or to write an interesting blog on this????
    That’s why we always insist on cleaning regularly whenever you find leisure time!!!!

  2. :) Which we are never going to follow :)

  3. @Charanya Baskaran: Rule-less is the new rule.. Yes, u think like me...


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