A new lease !!!

CanYou believe I, being the chatter box and the so called chirpy girl that I am, can come to love the solitude and silence around me? The girl who could not spend even one lonely talkless lunch at Lucas, is now loving the lonesome yet different lunches I am taking here?

Here? Yes it is that I am in Hyderabad, an entirely new place, new office environment, new language and new people—does that such a change in me? A change? Maybe not.. more of acceptance I guess, or even some sort of contentment in what is happening to me.. lot of new things has got me into a good mood..

SO.. how have been my days? A lazy but expectant wake up, coffee-less brushing, more lazily scrolling the so called newspaper takes around an hour of my busy mornings :P… That’s when I remember that I have to go to office, so long cherished bath in my own bathroom, without anyone banging the door asking to come out J Then rushing down to the restaurant whose, I believe, only aim seems to be fattening me.. ghee greased parathas, vadas, dosas and everything..  Of course they offer not-so-unhealthy  sandwiches, salads and soups… So I try to restrict my diet to salads and sandwiches and try a dip of every other food item too, come on I should do worth to my money right (typical Indian attitude)? Then I walk down to my office at a total leisure pace to be greeted by the ever friendly security persons, who actually try to improvise on my rigged Hindi and try to help me in every possible way, in fact I could say that about ever person at my new place.. Thanks for their patience… Atleast for their sake I have to learn hindi as well as telugu fast..

So evening I start almost as fast as I could, so that I could come back to my new room.. Ya not my room, but a hotel I have been booked in.,, Simply loving it at all cost, esp for the ambience and the so called neighbors they have assigned me.. In fact I have never seen them once… I heard there were two other ladies staying in with me, who stay as meek as a mouse, I guess.. I don’t find them till I reach my bed and they are gone before I rise… The only sign of them staying is the kitchen and dining room light being switched on around eleven or later.. I don’t think they both don’t even meet each other, of course how would I know…

It is an interesting fact (atleast to me) that I am not spending my time watching TV like I thought I will be doing all the time I spend here.. Ironically I have not been reading as well.. And SMS and Calls have almost become a luxury, thanks to the exorbitant roaming charges… of course calls have not been fully written off from my list, they have been far less… So what I do to spend my time is almost puzzling me… Yet I love this wonderful duration (touchwood, touchwood) of my life, and I wish i get more of such happiness and excitement (of which I have been promised).

OK my time for dinner… Earlier I go, quieter it would be.. I am hoping to take some book and read there while eating… or would it be too difficult—to concentrate on varied delicacies as well as, forget reading, holding the book in the other hand?? I should try that once J bub-bye  for now


P.S BTW I have come to like telling “bill it on *Company name*” after every meal nad every payment I need to make here J

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