Eureka!! Finally...

I just realized one of the heart wrenching truth about me “I am addicted to my mobile and SMSing”. Of course others would have found this truth about eons ago. I was in self denial to the fact and pretending that I am normal J of course I am super normal except for this trivial fact. Ok may be so trivial, until today.

      Until today I had not tried to keep my mobile out of my reach and not to answer any messages. A sort of resolution to work hundred percent seriously, which it didn’t emerge successful. My ears kept hoping for my own “tin tin” tone from my mobile. My hands wouldn’t type on my laptop further, until I type a message to someone. I hoped someone, someone from my  whole world to rescue me. I saw the clock with the anticipation of a new mother, just 5 minutes had passed, my heart let out a sigh. Five minutes and I already had started missing the love of my life. Oh Lord! Give Thy all the strength to abstain thyself from temptations. Six minutes gone! In what despicable mind did I challenge myself to a twenty minutes challenge!

            Of course I was not always like this. No, who am I kidding? I was always like this, not always from the moment my dad got me a mobile. A “per day limit” on SMSes to 100 couldn’t stop me, as somehow God miraculously disabled that ban from my mobile. Then later came all these SMS packs in thousands, there was no stopping. But I have changed, I have reduced my texting, one shouldn’t overlook that. Non availability of time, or ever answering friends or what I like the best “my own maturity of age”, whatever may be the reason. I have reduced my SMS counts for sure. Yet the addiction has not. Even if no one is messaging or chatting, I tend to check my inbox every ten, sorry typo, one minute or lesser if possible. Now officially proved!!! Am addicted…
            So who cares right? I care!!! Yeah since it is a clinical situation, you people cant separate me from my mobile, am challenged J J And I forgot to note the time crossing my twenty minute deadline. Or did i??
P.S: By the way, I had grabbed my mobile when you started reading my third paragraph, at six minute past five seconds!!!
P.S (2) How I am gonna fight my clinical situation? That is story for another post, keep waiting J

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