2011 - Round-Up

              As the year 2011 marches to the end, it becomes almost the duty of every blogger (if I can call myself so), to have a "round up of the year" blog. So here it comes...

              Listing down the new / crazy/ personal / useless / non  major events / facts of the 2011, that passed by... This is just a random listing, not in chronological or otherwise:

1.   Travelled alone out of city in a bus at night
2.   Travelled alone for a longer journey in a train - many a times this year :)
3.   Travelled in an aeroplane
4.   Travelled alone out of my state (TN)
5.   Stayed alone - again many a times this year 
6.   Had stayed awake a whole night - earlier record of 3 am broken down by the new 5 15 AM 
7.   Went out with strangers
8.   Have bettered my Hindi skills
9.   Using a Smart Phone, not so smart user yet !
10.                Learnt a new art - pencil sketching - not so good yet
11.                Learnt a new long sanskrit sloka (Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam)- now that was difficult!
12.                Made a log of all my books
13.                Reviewed 8 books - now thats poor record
14.                Made first and next 7 official presentation to a group of 4 to 7 :)
15.                Made at least 5 new friends (!) Had a target of 10 :)
16.                Had a long break from routine life ( May 31 to July 14) Loved every second <3
17.                Started to believe in organizing -- would achieve next year
               So these were the interesting events of my year :) Did I miss anything? 

     If so, please add in comments!!!


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