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Confused !!

               All of a sudden I wake up sorrounded by chaos and confusions, I suddenly seem to see the choices I have taken and that I have not. Yes, suddenly I try to be rationale. Suddenly I get a lot of questions and doubts.. Yeah!!!! signs of aging!!!

              How many real small but mighty thoughts? I have been this really sweet (maybe not so sweet) helpful and cheerful person all through, at least I have been told so. I have been an outspken and outgoing and other "out- adjective"d person. Yes have earned a lot of good and great friends, have had my share in life. But thinking again, I have been me and my thoughts all through. Yeah, thinking back I have been this sort of lonely person at heart and mind always. But why? Maybe because I cant just follow the herd? I am not saying that I am a rebel, though sometimes I have/will be. It has been I have done / will do things only if I am satisfied with the reason on why I should conform with it. I have not cared of the formalities, yet would do if there is a dire need of. But of late, I am feeling a lot of artificialness around me. This has been pissing me off totally. Again, dang!! signs of aging!!


  1. Here comes our reality show. Yes you are good. You have been told so. In my case too , I have been told so. Then why lonely at heart. Is there any answer? I went through the scriptures to find the true meaning. I didnt get. Kadaisila yosichi paatha, chi chi yosichathu pothum, polapa paarunu thaan solla thonuthu. How the move is going to be in 2012? He he he as everyone says Is it over padips(in your case) Or over childish or over choosy in life?

  2. @Regi: My 2012 move is gonna be "quit being sweet, tough is the need". Many more :) Maybe a newer LG (version 2.0.12) !! <3 Keep posting

  3. Remembering the Poem ' Road not taken', Its utter waste to think about the roads left and not taken. Better to look out for a beautiful path waiting to welcome your feet with the unexpected and amazing wonders!

  4. All the best ! Wish your blog to be loaded wit applause!;-)


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