Confused !!

               All of a sudden I wake up sorrounded by chaos and confusions, I suddenly seem to see the choices I have taken and that I have not. Yes, suddenly I try to be rationale. Suddenly I get a lot of questions and doubts.. Yeah!!!! signs of aging!!!

              How many real small but mighty thoughts? I have been this really sweet (maybe not so sweet) helpful and cheerful person all through, at least I have been told so. I have been an outspken and outgoing and other "out- adjective"d person. Yes have earned a lot of good and great friends, have had my share in life. But thinking again, I have been me and my thoughts all through. Yeah, thinking back I have been this sort of lonely person at heart and mind always. But why? Maybe because I cant just follow the herd? I am not saying that I am a rebel, though sometimes I have/will be. It has been I have done / will do things only if I am satisfied with the reason on why I should conform with it. I have not cared of the formalities, yet would do if there is a dire need of. But of late, I am feeling a lot of artificialness around me. This has been pissing me off totally. Again, dang!! signs of aging!!

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