30 day photo challenge

      Yet again another make over for my blog - just to get over the redundancy and to motivate me to get writing again. Several ideas coming up, at least in my mind. More about the new look later. 

      Now the second set of news. Hope you have read
here about my interest in photography! To fuel up my new-found enthusiasm to blog, I came across this 30 day photo challenge, somewhere around the internet. So here it goes. 

      The next 30 days am going to post a picture, probably taken through my Samsung Galaxy Mobile as I have it wherever I go, based on this challenge. Of course, I would rant out few words (yeah which means paragraphs) along with it

      Disclaimer: I am not a professional, er.. not even an amateur photographer. The photos that I call "great photography" are those that are not so shaky and things are visible. So if you are looking for a high quality photographs, look elsewhere.. 

      Maybe it is high time to use those cute apps I got from the android market.  What are you waiting for? Start clicking and sharing :)


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