Day 1 Self Portrait

If you know me then you will accept or rather accuse me of my habit to start everything and then leave it half way.. My athimber calls that "ribbon cutting" (inaugural) job.. But I am assuring this is not going to be like that, I am taking this as a challenge and completing it :) So moving on to the challenge...

Challenge day 1: Self Portrait

(Am I looking at the mirror, while clicking ?!? So not cool )  
This photo, as you can see, has me and my treasure - my mobile, without which I cannot dare to leave my house. Or for that matter my bed. Yeah I am almost addicted to it.

More about the photo: 

(As already conveyed, I am not a great photographer as such and no technical details of photography, this head would contain only details of when, where and how :P, which is all I can rave about)

This snap was not taken yesterday. Though I did try a few snaps, I was not actually satisfied with the results and ended up deciding to use the older one.

When: 7. 30ish pm - Jan - 18 - 2012 

Where: Hotel Pearl, Kohlapur, India, Room no 203 I think.

How: In front of the mirror, with my 5 MP camera mobile Samsung Galaxy SL. 

So when the tv soaps started boring me, dinner had quite filled my tummy and sleep evaded me, I took out the then new mobile and started clicking some random pictures of myself and the room. Yeah that is one thing I do in most of my official trips, when the above said three steps were done, I click around the room / House / wherever I was staying and then few (!!!) clicks of self.. 

I was done with my work that day and was preparing to move the next day morning and to face a new set of clients and new place of stay. Maybe that is the reason for that extra cheerfulness in my face.. 

So thats it for now.. Hang on for the Day 2 :) 

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