Day 2 - What I wore

       Another new day and another challenge. Today's topic would be what I wore.. I guess it probably means the dress right? Of course, but why, I reason I dont really understand - but me being me, the perfect rule follower, would follow it to the 'T'.

       Since the challenge is not very clear on "when", I am going to use it to my own advantage.  I am going to show you the one I would be wearing tomorrow (Probably). And if you guys think that I am avoiding showing you what I wore today, then you would be wrong - yeah absolutely wrong, How would I do that.. Oh wait, you could be right, no you are.. How dare you think I would show off the dirty rag I wore today, a Saturday - a stay at home Saturday. I still have some dignity left out :P 

More about the photo: 
(This I might wear tomorrow)
        When What? The photo was shot? Today - just a while ago. So I guess it is an "exclusively for you" shot. 
         Our bedroom (duh! you see the bed there) at my home (obviously)
How: I dont really have anything interesting / witty to say about that. 
AND .. another exclusive question.. 
         There is that cream and olive green patterned baby doll / empire waist tops, one of my favorites :P 
      That is my new Jeans Wrangler one, you can probably see the "w" there.. No no.. this is not an ad for Wrangler, I am telling the world that I can be a commercial photographer.. So when you are in short of a cameraman (woman) during your product's advertisement shoot - you know whom to call..

      Erm.. I think I should go (escape) off from those seething eyes..

Elgee :)

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