Day 3 - Cloud

       When was the last time somebody called me crazy? Yeah previous to today, and yesterday. And day before yesterday. Okay.. They have been doing that forever, but still for argument sake let us assume that I have not been called so for a long time. Since you have not called me crazy for a while, I am giving you a chance to do that.. Yeah yeah, in case you have not agreed to the "argument sake pitch", you may continue to call me so.. WHY? I am going to show the Day 3 Challenge photography - CLOUD

       This is the image of my favorite CLOUD software. (BTW I stole used that image from the Still looking out for where, when how and what.. I so love you, my readers, still hanging on with hope. I wont disappoint you. (I secretly believe there are a few souls out there, who wait for each of my posts even though they are far and between. I will continue to believe. No I am not going to hear anything against that)

First What
       What Dropbox is? It is a box where you can drop you things (read as files) and pick it up in another box, quite literally. No no I have lost it (yet). Ok the so called techie explanation.. Dropbox allows you to sync file and folders over the "cloud", across multiple platform - Android, Windows PC as well as those iPhone and Macs and Linux systems too. Didnt get it? So, I am not a techie either - head over here.. Got it? (OMG  OMG, I did explain pretty well right!) - then you head over here and get yourself a box.

       Just a minute ago, I got that image from the official site.
       No seriously? I think I downloaded my first box to sync some files between my work and home system an year ago, and there has been no looking back I got it in my Android (yeah the same one I have been raving about here and here) and the previous one too.. 

       As I told I am right now using my 6GB free space in work laptop, Home desktop and my Android phone. Apart from the usual syncing of work files and personal photographs, I use them to sync my bookmarks and reading positions across my e-reader (LOL in my phone) and PCs (you never thought of that right?) And of course to store the e books to read in my train travel. And to side load some Android APKs (too cool huh?) And.. uh a long list.. (Do you think I should start writing some more posts on my favorite applications, software etc? Yes? No? Please post in your comments)

       Just download the application from here and install in your system once you create an id. Voila.. You get 2GB free space, and only if you get it from that exact link, you get 2.25 GB.. Hooray for my site :) ( Just kidding, it is a referral and both of us get extra 250MB (0.25GB).. Oh you would know that by now, you would have read all about it right?)

      So here is another cute Cloud picture for you..

      So that is a cloud too.. Of course it is.. Oh you were looking for a hand clicked (!?!) pic? You are so disappointed, right I know..Oh angry? This would make you smile, of course..

       In case you dont understand whats this all about. Read on:
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