Day 4 - Something green

So there you are looking for my Day 4 of the challenge.. Ok today no tricks no misleading word games like yesterday.. In fact there would be nothing new :P Yup what are you waiting for? Go on Day 4 of my challenge on SOMETHING GREEN

Did you get the nostalgic feeling? Ok, maybe not, (but I do).. For those who had not found it, this was my ex-background / template. I just relieved it from duty. More explained as under:

What is this? Simple. My ex - background (as already explained) which has a lot of green in it.. Of course a lot of pink too.. 

I get it, you are trying to ask "WHAT? IS THIS ALL YOU COULD COME UP WITH?" Oh no, I accept this background looked downright tardy, extra girlie (thanks Bch and Regi, noted duly that I am not girlie enough.. ugh !! ), but hey, that was my maiden trial with photoshop and these tweaks.  And the scrapbooking world had lot of pinks and pinks only.. (with the cute little bows and ribbons) Be thankful I have not had it on my blog.. Not that I didnt like them - No way, lottt of them were super cute, super cool, but not super me. But anyway I like having things that has my signature isshtyle (even if it is darn tardy).
( Atleast I saved one pair of eyes, with this new look )


Being novice (now that is an euphemism to tell I had zero knowledge) in photoshop and almost unlimited supply of kits and embellishment (sounds royal right) to choose from, it took me atleast 5 days to put up this BG. Ok it took me two minutes to decide to remove it today morning, one minute to remove and ten minutes to decide on the next theme. 

Where and how:

I will be making a long, really long list of resources I used to put this up, but that is a story for another day.. But it is coming very soon. And how? A lot of trial and error, pixlr and photoshop. And lot more of tutorials.. Thus came up this.. er.. beautiful.. mmm background..

By the way, this is technically a photo, though I didnt shoot it, I did make it - so no smirking behind my back..

So a quick summary 
          This is the Challenge,
          Day one - Self portrait
          Day two - What I wore
          Day three - Cloud
          Day Four - You are already here :)

( P. S A new comment system - wherein you can promote your blog and your last post, by leaving a link, and lot other options, do have a look )

( P. S 2: In case anybody missed it, there is a new background on board, and would like to hear some comments about it too )


  1. Love the white background, looks neat. I love the header and top navigation bar. The font is not readable, looks feminine and artistic if that's what you want. Sans-serif fonts do a better job for readability, just a suggestion. Format your sidebar for better thoughts!!!!
    P.S-- still no choice for name/URL .....Jayanthi

  2. Thanks for all your suggestions, would try them.. That name and URL is working for ohters:( :( you may check it out in the next post. The thing is my blog doesnt natively have that feature, hence I did get a plugin which worked well in this post when I tried, but not now and it has been working in the next post - please try it out, as I have enabled an option to post your last post URL, if you login.

  3. Hi ! I repeat the comments given by Jayanthi. looking cool. I love the headers ! Hope you would like to add some more colours to this page.


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