Day 5 - From a high angle

After a longg search in my existing photo collections for a photo from a high angle, I came up with this. Yeah I am already at home and with no inspiration to take any new photos. Also the model whom I always work with was not available, rather I would not want her the way she is right now :P But anyway, you are not losing anything today because you are going to have total "fun" photo.. 

Yippie.. This photo is one of my favorites with my favorite people in the world.. Yeah the same freaky ones you might have read here and there. I am already smiling happily just thinking about the posts as well as them, er.. actually am grinning at the thoughts about them. Now THE photo.


First you dont ask what, while referring to persons. So it is WHO.The one sitting is Charanya aka Charan, lying down is another Charanyaa, popularly known around the world as Bch and jammed in between Charanyas' is poor LG. In case you missed the obvious "I am the object shot from the high angle" (That is an high angle photo, *I am stomping my foot*)

Where & When:

Charan's House at Chennai at a time between 12 May 2012 to 13 May 2012. oh wait wait, it was shot on 13 May 2012 by night or wee early morning 1.14 AM (darn this camera, spills all secrets out, *we were sleeping* according to her family.


Though I could cut you short with "with a high angle", I am not. I am going to offer you the juicy details :P Ahem.. Actually no juicy secrets.. We were awake and stuck to choose between continuing to watch "the world's worst movie - OK OK" (not so ok ok) or to sleep - we as usual chose the unusual - clicking pics. Unusual because we had already done doing the photo session and were looking particularly disastrous :P Anyway our first and possibly last - girls night out great grand success, at least according to us, not so sure about her families comments - we are not asking them purposefully.

Disclaimer: These are not the official photographs these girls are circulating, hence I am not responsible if they are going to disown them. 

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