Day 6 - From a low angle

I know I am not a *real* Photographer but I took the pains of trying to be as creative as possible to bring a photo taken from a low angle. Did I succeed. that I am not sure. Maybe you should give the verdict.

So what is this right? Yeah I know I know you are disappointed and I can even spot a few tearful faces there. But what do you expect from me - a tall building photo taken from a low angle or a tall person or a group of people standing in a circle (yeah the one you use for depicting teamwork) - nooo I would never do that, I mean at least not until you are paying for it, which means never :( I would accept defeat but would never use lame ideas :) Yeah I know, I am talking tall, to be followed by not so tall post :(

What, how, where, when: 

I shot this wall hanging today morning frantically standing over my  messy bed (frantic because I was extremely late to work). I guess this would be my shortest post, yet I have answered all the questionsNot because I dont have anything to tell, but because I am not really happy with the shot :P

But anyway I love that wall hanging with bright colors.. Maybe someday I will like this post too.. Trust me, I have been there.. When I see some scribbled lines of attempted poems, already scoured over again and again, I feel nostalgic and maybe that is why I think they were good.. Anyway here they are two photos for the love of bright colors :)

          This is the Challenge,
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          Day two - What I wore
          Day three - Cloud
          Day Six - You are smirking from here :)


  1. the photo is too good from a low angle dear.......
    nothing to worry.
    i love the post and the bright colour.
    by the way why dont you try clicking outdoor snaps...

  2. Oh Regi, dont ask me photography secrets :P Maybe I will tell in the next post :P

  3. oye elgee ur clicks are really good..... why don't u click some photos of mine;)??

  4. Oh Really :P Thanks Padhu :) Sure anytime, but I think from college days I have been doing only this properly :) Will come back to Chennai and then call you :)

  5. I have nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger Award". You can receive it at

  6. Hi just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! To learn more go visit my blog

  7. Hey Gayathri! I just found you on goodreads and decided to follow you!
    Follow me? (:

    1. Following you right back :)

      Thanks for the follow :)


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