Day 6 - From a low angle

I know I am not a *real* Photographer but I took the pains of trying to be as creative as possible to bring a photo taken from a low angle. Did I succeed. that I am not sure. Maybe you should give the verdict.

So what is this right? Yeah I know I know you are disappointed and I can even spot a few tearful faces there. But what do you expect from me - a tall building photo taken from a low angle or a tall person or a group of people standing in a circle (yeah the one you use for depicting teamwork) - nooo I would never do that, I mean at least not until you are paying for it, which means never :( I would accept defeat but would never use lame ideas :) Yeah I know, I am talking tall, to be followed by not so tall post :(

What, how, where, when: 

I shot this wall hanging today morning frantically standing over my  messy bed (frantic because I was extremely late to work). I guess this would be my shortest post, yet I have answered all the questionsNot because I dont have anything to tell, but because I am not really happy with the shot :P

But anyway I love that wall hanging with bright colors.. Maybe someday I will like this post too.. Trust me, I have been there.. When I see some scribbled lines of attempted poems, already scoured over again and again, I feel nostalgic and maybe that is why I think they were good.. Anyway here they are two photos for the love of bright colors :)

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