Day 8: A bad habit

I am back on this challenge again :) Dont search for Day 7, I have not published yet, but will do it in due course. Now directly moving on to the bad habit, before I got drowned in your tears of disappointment.

Bad habits, in a person as immaculate as me could have a bad habit? No right? But I do have very small... (Cough.. Cough) actually little big issue.. 

Step 1

Step 1 ( a )

Step 2
Step 3

Step 4

Understood what I meant? No, (sigh)  Do I have to spell it out? 

I just have that thing that my friend Bch calls as "photomania", maybe a "Self Photography mania". And you just saw a proof of that :( Dont know if it was really a clinical illness as yet 


From when: 
I think I was / am affected from the moment Bch got that damn Sony Ericsson camera phone.

Anywhere.. And everywhere.. I mean wherever it wont be really conspicuous. Of course my brain keeps an alert watch for those places :) For eg, these shots were taken at a random day at my work place, when noone was around :) (Which means after 5 45 PM )

Dont really remember :) I think just shot some random pictures and deleted the 'too bad', 'oh nooo' and then '#$%^&', so the rest stayed in the phone memory (which includes 'not bad', 'ok my nose is visible' 'do I look like lunatic, should ask someone' and a very very very few 'hmm fine' photos :) 

SO there I am - 'the not so teetotaller' (sniff.. sniff). 

For the most of you, who have forgotten what I am talking about, a small recap:

          Day one - Self portrait
          Day two - What I wore
          Day three - Cloud
          Day Six - From a low angle         
          Day Seven - er.. file not found (yet)          
          Day Eight - oh, here you are :)


  1. photography is manageable dear... cough u said.. same pinch for coughing

    And whats that beach soni ericson camera phone story nw one??

    1. Photography is, but self photomania is not :P

      Will tell in chat / in person abt that story :P

  2. Who is that guy who took your photo

    1. Dear, read properly :) It is self photography :P

  3. Looks like someone took your photo so lovingly:-P

  4. Replies
    1. Uff.. Thank God, I am not the lone "bad" girl :P

      Thanks Steph for your visit.. Just visited yours, Whoa you have got quite a blog :) Inspired me :) Following you right now :)


  5. Is there anyway you can delete ur sighing pics?? Those lifeless faces requests me not to go further reading your post.

  6. yeah elgee i think ur disease is not contingences:P.....Anyway good stress bursters it is;).....


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