Book Review: Out Of The Blue

Book: Out Of The Blue
Author: Jo Ann Rose
Genre: Fiction - Romance
Main Characters:  Lark Stewart
                                  Lucas McCloud
                                  William Guest
                                   Ryan Gazler

Lark Stewart, a singing sensation is out on the run for her life when her band member gets almost killed.

Lucas McCloud, former FBI sniper and Lark's first love and her best friend arrives to take her home - to safety.

The killer isn't stopped by the distance and the dark mountains, but continues to follow her.

Lark and her dangerous past continues to haunt her and she knows it would not let her rest till it is put down once and for all. Lark's ex-husband Cody and her stalker William Guest, a doctor turned narcotic psychopath doesn't make her run smooth.

The former lovers try to fight back their emotions and move on to save their skins. But can they?

A true chick-lit fit for cozy-rainy-day read romantic and fast paced - keeps it warmth till the end.

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