Oh no !!

My phone is sick and is right now at the service center. Of course it is not going to die on me, yet - maybe a transplantation (PCB) and screen change. Ok that is not the post about. I am "smart phone"-less for the past two days, and maybe for two / three days (note: not phone less). 

And... To my disbelief, I am still alive - I survive without my smart phone, but not "not missing" though. As someone put on FB, "It is the first thing and last thing I see everyday". 

Coming to the point, I am still not used to these days of "smart phone less" life. Don't you believe? I barely survived the first day. I blame it on being sooo used to the smartphone.

It all started with this: I woke up late in the morning, means later than the late 5 15 am. Reason? I am not used to the alarm. I mean the general alarm, not even the mobile alarm - the one you can snooze till you are absolutely late.It wakes up people who are in the habit of snoozing without opening an eye, I mean me. In fact I could open one eye, open the pattern lock and hit snooze and sleep back without a hitch.  I am talking "my kinda" alarm. If pattern doesnt wake my brain, the captcha and simple arithmetic sure does. So I am fully awake by the time I open the pattern lock and then the "simple" arithmatic / captcha. Oh if you are a statistic lover,you should see your own sleep pattern and graphs and reports, though I can never understand why would anyone want to share their sleep pattern in FB :P

I missed my gtalk as I was not able to update my friends my whereabouts on the way to office. The minute by minute details on which street I was walking through or the train I missed :( 

My boss has a habit to reach too early everyday and me a little late - not a good combo you know :P So I usually check his early morning mails while travelling to office in the train and noting the tasks in my task manager with reminders. Did I say Wunderlist has a desktop as well as web application? So when I open up my system, I see it in my home page. 

If that is finished usually it would be I either browse my favorite comic / blog / reader through Pulse. Oh how many e books I had to read through Moon reader and Aldiko :( 

By the time I reach work, I am wondering if I should have waited for two more days (weekend) to send it to the medic, but those auto restarts were making me paranoid. Anyway it is not with me and I somehow try to forget the pain (!!) and start my work. Just then one of my friend wants a photo that we took some days ago. I am about to just send a link from my dropbox through a message / IM, then I remember that I cant do that. (Still DB saves though its auto camera upload and web app)

I start digging into my work at office and recapping my sad tale of my sick mobile to everyone.

Nothing could have aggravated my agony than waiting to write this post in my PC / laptop instead of the usual Evernote. Oh I could continue this ranting of my melancholy, or just bite the bullet silently and try to ignore the pain. I am choosing the latter.

Maybe I will get used to it by evening.. (or not? )

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