I was busy.. Or maybe not..

Somethings never change right? Like my never ending quest for perfection! Bah!! who am I kidding, perfection and me? Ok, atleast my search to find the best apps in ...., in every category.. That is an euphemism of telling I keep searching mobile apps without any aim to download, just because I have loads of data balance left out on my mobile.. What does that mean? No not that,  I am not wasting time, who gave you that idea.... Er.. Fine.. I do.. But what I am trying to say is, I am getting loads of topics to post on.  Still why no post right? 

You have to believe me guys, I am making something big for you.. Or maybe not.. Or maybe I just lost interest on blogging and left all my followers and readers in mid journey.. No... Would I?? Fine wherever I was, whatever I was doing, it is done and I am bringing up more posts from my sleeve. Keep waiting for the not so techie me :-)

1 comment:

  1. I keep waiting for your posts . After recovering from a long illness. The heart opening icon pop-up drove me crazy. I kept playing for sometime with that widget. Wat wonder is this?
    I too have lots to write, one of which is with reference to my 2009 hospitalisation poem. But this time I became panic with the injections used on my hands.:-) stories will follow in my blog.


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