Mr. Right, wherever you are, please stay there! I am in no hurry to meet you !!

Did anybody just talk about "that" again? ugh.. Now this is enough to spoil my mood for the whole day..
Sometimes I just can't believe myself when I hear my own friends who used to run amok if they heard the word marriage, are the very persons who push my patience. Personally I have / had nothing against 'it', but what I detest is people resonating me to get tied down soon just because they can. It totally blows over my top when they try to relate every one of my mood swings to this.. If I am bored, it is time to settle.. If I feel adventurous, it is time to find a new life.. If it is happiness, I should have someone to share it with. Is that all you can think of? Now that is why I mentioned the word narrow mindedness. Are we seriously still in 1960s where the aims of most girls and their parents were to catch a groom. Haven't we ever moved away from that? So I am single, in the so called marriageable age! Is that all required to  jump into the wagon of groom searching? Even if it was, wont my family know that? 
Having said that now don't go to the other extreme and say I have sworn celibacy.. No no.. I know there is somewhere - "the Mr. Right", I have got nothing against him (except feel a little sad for his fate). I know he will drop from the sky, out of the blue, into my life, at some point of time - and I have no interest of chasing him off.
I am just not going to hold my breath till he turns up. When he falls from the sky, maybe I will pick him up and do the first aid. But at the same time that is not the only goal of my life. I have several other things to do in my life, on the contrary to the current lull in my life. I have been into some mood swings lately - of course - but that is not because I have not found "him". So why am I feeling exasperated for this? Why cant I give them the widest of grins and say something witty right? I was doing enough of that and I am not going to entertain anymore of these talks. I mean really.. when your close ones would not understand who is going to? So what I am saying is, "stop bugging me! When things happen I will let you know."
Now I am fine that I have poured all that has been bugging me for days :) And I know there are friends who would be happy I wrote this post - Mirrored their thoughts too, maybe!

I think it is crappy enough that I feel low, lonely or even dissatisfied with the current state of lull in my life, then comes those so called mood shifters.. No literally, they do take my wrath to another level.. Of course, they mean good and they include several of my friends, that is, most of my married friends. I guess now you would have understood it what am driving at. Yeah about my Mr. Right..
I have heard of the joke about the funeral and the marriage joke. But of late I am hearing the similar in real life. I am just thankful that my family is so helpful and understanding, unlike the other insane crowd out there.. I know they all mean with good intentions but do they have to drive me to nuts? Well, I know they too are with good intentions but what I can't stand is their narrow mindedness, if I can call it so. Typically there are two types of situations around here. And you wouldn't believe those people who have become so irksome all of a sudden.

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