2013 here I come!!

Thanks Paddy for sharing this with me !
That is so me !
This year am going out of my way. And I am going to go ahead, make promises, try to keep them up and then - if it doesn't turn out successful, I am not going to mind. 
Yes! I am usually too slow to commit my deliverables, but now that is changing.

Nobody is going to behead me right? And I can make promises and fail who is counting right? (ok except for Regi and Bch)
  1. Read 52 books - a book a week - mighty target but can cover this
  2. Start journalling once again!- should re start this habit after a break of two years
  3. Fill 'that' goals setting tool at least this year 
  4. Make friends out of the way..There is nothing as too many when it comes to friends
  5. Take 52 awesome photos. In fact take photos and don't mind if they don't turn awesome
  6. Write atleast 52 posts (if you know me, that is a difficult task)
  7. Get 50 followers for my blog
  8. Visit a theme park - picking this idea from the piece of advice of my anna, long long back - to be exact during my 2012 to do post. Oh he does give fun ideas amidst all his serious advices
  9. Crazy shopping for clothes
  10. Buy a Camera
  11. Get a driving licence (9 10 & 11 are of course, carry forwards from last year)
  12. Organize organize organize
    1. Book Shelf - redo
    2. Work Stuff
    3. And mainly my schedule (do I even have one?)
  13. Sketch 5 pictures - Oh somebody already is doing it. Good Luck onyour new blog Paddy
  14. Learn a new skill - Yet to Choose
  15. Write a letter or two to my future self - That is something I am really curious to try :)
  16. Learn to Schedule posts. And thereby at least once or twice get ahead of task, rather running behind it!
  17. Unlearn letting things go. Fight back, Stay ahead. Stop being laid back. I know that is one character of mine that makes me - well, me. But I need to know if I can have one of those cat fights and survive. In shorter words - Get Serious (I hope you are all happy :-< )
  18. Be busy, busier and more busier.. Try overwhelming yourself.
  19. Say no more often than last year.
  20. Get my finances right - again, anna, I am trying to follow your words, and proving that I hadn't slept thru all of your talks
  21. Book keeping as an habit, than need. I can vouch that I have routine expenses, nothing out of ordinary, yet I am keeping notes for the heck of it.
  22. Purge old (self maniac) photographs
  23. Purge old clothes!! Don't purge books, of course!
  24. Cook once a month. Regi thanks for your inspiration but am keeping it easier than you
  25. Have a different bday! I know that is vague but I am open for anything. And this being the completion of a quarter century in this planet, I need to do it my way. There is more to this bday, than just that..
I know this is lot.. to handle.. But that is the point..  I need to know what I can really do if I had to:-)

Btw, I am open to more ideas. So say what you think and do add more to my list..


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