Things to do in 2012 Things Accomplished in 2012

Another year has passed by and a brand new year welcomes us and here I come with my first post. And as per the unwritten rules, I am posting my 2012 round up. And  another reason for posting is.. well.. I am too lazy to write a better post!

1) Read 20 books in 2012        Done- 28/05/2012- moved target to 30 :)      30 done
2) Read 2 classic books         Done more than 2 :) For full list click here
3) Write an exam  (probably ACS final)     Had my second and final exam today in one module of ACS.
4) Go crazy shopping for clothes     I am never going to crazy over shopping ever.. Oh, except on buying books. oh wait, I did buy some clothes this year, but that is not what you I call crazy shopping. I need to do this :P
5) Stay away from my mobile (100%) for a day     Thanks to my Lasik Eye surgery, I was away from Mobile totally for almost 5 days... Ok I cheated ! I was completely away for 3 days
6) Stay away from my mobile + TV + Internet (100%) for a day     Same answer and I didnt watch TV or use my system or Internet for 5 days straight. I guess this is all a divine conspiracy, Otherwise I dont think I would have ever made it.
7) Get my passport Done
8) Get my driving license - Fail
9) Take my family out for dinner, in a classy hotel.     Ate out as a family many a times a year (dont you think classy sounds little subjective here?)
10) Spend more time with family.     My eye surgery, LTA and my exam study holidays gave a lot of time for this :) And there were not too many of those official travels - Hence accomplished easily.
11) Make some new friends of similar tastes and aspirations     Well.. I did learn that people come and go, you are not to decide who stays and who does not and life moves on with or without them. Now why this philosophy? Hmm.. actually this task was a failure :D
12) Have the best fun at my best friend's wedding     OH Yes!!! :) I am just so happy for her :) and sad for him, of course..
13) Learn to draw / sketch / paint     Guess this is a straight no :) Fail
14) Update my blog every week for three months straight     Updated the blog more than the past. Think that holds good!
15) Get atleast 20 followers!!     34 followers - Dont ask me how!
16) Make a bucket list - Ongoing Process
17) Write a poem or two - I did try!
18) Stay away from negative people and people who eat time and energy - Ok now that is difficult, but do not tell me I did no try
19) Do something challenging (ya I know that is vague, but I have not yet made up my mind)      Revamping my blog would be the challenging task, with special focus on books and reviews          Completed ! Say what you think about my new look for the year
20) Maintain a journal - Failed
21) Maintain a travelogue - Nope
22) Learn Photography basics - I did learn the basics of basics
23) Get a camera ( no.. Mobile camera wont do, ) - Yet to do
24) Try cooking (something better than my survival cooking) - Oh yes, Survived a few days..
25) Travel unofficially - Yahoooo!! Travelled to my native and had complete family fun :)
Happy  new year Once again :) Meet you soon with a new post.

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