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Sometimes the power of Google and internet per se bewilders me. It lures us (which actually means me, but I do not want to be blamed all alone) from a mundane daily life task to a completely unrelated world of pages through its complex and mysterious search. And by sometimes, I meant regularly, like even yesterday. I really have no idea how I ended up at staring at Goodreads (oh I have outgrown the Facebook addiction, and Tumblr too) while searching for some data on ministry of statistics. Actually that is not difficult, it is one of the permanently opened tab in my browser

Anyway back to the topic, today I was *actually working* that lead to searching of something on Google, and after five articles on my latest interest (read as: addiction) Thought Catalogue and twenty Reddits later I found something that was worth the one hour distraction, a single most rationale and acceptable definition of Friendship among adults. There is no denial in accepting that making new friends once you get out of school and college gets more and more difficult. Hence the term gets more confusing than during the times when you borrow a pencil from your next desk and she automatically becomes your friend the next day. (Btw, I have been sharing my pen drive, my stapler, snacks and lunches with my colleagues for the past six months, are we friends yet???)

I think it is better to paste the words as such than paraphrasing it and spoiling its beauty and simplicity.
You can read the whole discussion here under the question "How does one go about making "real life" friends as an adult?"

" Generally speaking, if someone is in one circle, they're an acquaintance. If someone is in two circles, they're a friend. Circles are like work, yoga, clubs or whatever. If someone is only in one circle, it's really hard to be friends. But involve them in two, it's pretty trivial to make a friendship out of that if you both want to. For example, I rock climb with one of my coworkers, and we're friends. I also cycle with another coworker, and we're friends. We can call one another on the weekends for no good reason, and do a lot of other random stuff together, too. The more circles you share with someone, typically the stronger the friendship. But there are some people I used to work with, and we shared another circle, too, but we don't work together any more. And even though we still share a single non-work circle, I wouldn't necessarily call them a friend anymore. They're more of an acquaintance I used to know really well. And there are a number of people I cycle with at least once a week, but since that's all we do, I wouldn't consider them a friend. We just cycle together. So to make friends, it can be as easy as inviting someone in one of your circles into another circle. Odds are, you'll make a friend."

Oh by the way by that definition, my own circles of friends are not more in the size of a dot. Period. 


I know, this is the shortest post ever in my blog

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