Day 7 : A fruit

Months ago when I had my first phase of photography interest I started a series of photo challenges, which I had failed to continue after the initial few days. Quite expected of me. You can have a quick recap of the series here. I am picking it up from where I left it.

A - Apples (the edible ones)

When:This photo marked the beginning of my second phase of photography obsession. All credits to my camera, which was new then. More about it in the technical details. 

How:So now I have got an actual camera I could give out the technical details which only the camera knows. In fact I am going to check what it says for the first time just now :P Oh so much amateurish photography.

Location18.538, 73.882
Date taken20/02/2013 18:13
Dimensions4896 x 2752
File name20130220 (6).JPG
File size2.24M
Focal Length4.49 mm
F Numberf/3.2
Camera makeSONY
FlashNot used

In case you are wondering what is this all about head here

  This is the Challenge,

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