By the skeptic in me

I am a Skeptic about a lot of things - 'best sellers', happily married forever, 'long-lasting' love, to serious stuff like objectivity and moral realism. Along the same lines I am highly doubting the probability of finding the right guy. I am just waiting to be proved wrong, as any sensible person would do. And by the way after a long time a try at poetry :) 

I sincerely hope that I do not feel this way few years down the lane. But the skeptic in me has a different view. 

You think you know me 
Like the back of your hand 
Or so, you brag with glee 
You don't, you understand? 
You might know my habits 
Probably, got used to them 
Especially those that fits 
You and your routine rhythm

Six years of marriage does that 
Two strangers entwined forever 
who trade own dreams to 
Fall into life of 'together' 
Between those in laws and payment 
Who has time to seek and be sought 
My presence is a mere acknowledgement 
Of the challenges mutually to be fought

Lying on bed after a spent up night 
Pretending not to hear those voices 
Those of the past life with all the might 
Reliving every one of the choices 
Did I make the right one? 
Why Is it too hard to comprehend? 
Is too late and wrong to live on my own? 
Is somebody out there to understand 
what I go through and pull me out 
And just say that I would do alright! 
Of all the hopes and dreads I got 
I wish that somebody was you at least  tonight! 
Deep down I know you are just not him 
The one I craved and hoped I would find. 
I say myself it was just part of my whim 
Yet the heart, that knows better, is truly unkind!


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