Nothing but you!

Very few people around me know that embarrassing secret about me. Not so secretive any more, but embarrassing as hell. I can write poems of broken heart. Now don't you ask the question of my experience on it, but let's start at I write too many love-sick poems. Not just love sick, sad love sick poems. Don't ask why, I do. It is probably easier to write them than about nature, society and other stuff I seriously "want" to write about. You know like other writers do. (I mean all the bloggers I seriously stalk and drool over). But I end up writing these. So here it goes

So many questions hang on air
With answers that I don't dare
So many memories unsung
And that make heart stung
Yes! reminding you are not here

Wish I could go back
Go back to times of naivete 
Oh those days of innocence 
When nothing else mattered 
Nothing but being with you..

Wish I could turn to 
Turn to  times of belonging 
Oh those days of togetherness 
When nothing could shake me 
Nothing when I was with you...

Wish I  would return 
To those Years long passed 
Since you were with me 
Oh I know you are still here 
Nothing is still the same with you..

Those crazy laughter 
Moments of passion 
Memories of cuddling 
Would stay with me 
With or without you!

I know it is too late 
To change the fate 
But There lingers my hope 
And hope is all I have 
When all else fails!

Comment on..


  1. OMG!! Elgee.... Damn good lines. :) :)
    and thanks for a simple poem ;)

  2. Actually I think the poem lacks creativity and it is also not emotional. It is simply sounding deja-vu. I wish you start putting your efforts on the more difficult-to-write-about stuff than this utterly simple job.

    1. Yeah I do accept that :) And I will try to write other stuff :P

  3. I know it is too late
    To change the fate
    But There lingers my hope
    And hope is all I have
    When all else fails!
    - ************************
    Hey!! i hv no wonder writing skills..
    but i like what i like lolz..
    i love the last para... its close, touchy .. to me ;)

  4. Those last 5 lines..... Pretty deep....

  5. Those last 5 lines..... Pretty deep....


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