New Year again !

Dec 1st 2013 (10 AM):
Time for new resolutions! New year! Yay, excited ( Grinning)
11th (8 PM):
Why have not I come up with a resolution yet?
17th (7 PM):
No problemo, I got it covered, 14 days more to choose one. Thankfully, I am not one of those "Perfect"s. I can choose many things to change.
25th(11 AM):
 Oh my god! Just a week away, I am yet to decide on my New Year Avatar. As everyone else, I can improve myself if I use this resolution fever. Maybe if I just focus on my shortfalls, I can find it.
(11. 10AM):
Woohoo, Kungfu Panda on TV.. I will choose one right after the film.
27th (7 PM):
I have to choose one right now. NO PROCRASTINATION. Ok right after the ice cream that I have to search in the fridge.
8 PM):
Ice cream and the phone call.
9 PM):
Ice cream, the phone call and the Film.
11 PM):
Ice cream, the phone call and the Film and the urm... other stuff.. But it is now too late to think and I am tired too. And to think of future one need to be in an energetic mode.
Dec 30th (6 PM):
After many days from the day that I decided to think on the topic and 1000 times questioned, I have to find the one resolution out. (I am putting on  my  thinking face)
(6.02 PM):
Hey why dont I see what resolutions my friends have posted on Facebook! I will get better ideas!
(9.02 PM):
Seriously this idea is not working. Maybe I should ask them. And do not think I would choose to while away time by speaking to them, I will text them. I have a mission in hand, I wont focus on chatting with them.
(11.02 PM):
%*&$# these guys are of no use. Wasting my time. There went my two hours. Maybe today is just not my day.
Dec 31st 2012 (9 PM):
No more Facebook, No more Mobile. I am putting them away.
(Donning my Thinking face yet again)
ME:  How about hitting the gym?
My alter ego: How many times have you had that resolution and have broken it?
ME: Ok forget it. How about going Vegan?
My alter ego: How about Mom letting you cook your own food?
ME: Darn, Mom is never going to let me away with that.
ME: How about..
My alter ego: Forget that, You would not keep up.
ME: I had not even completed saying it!
My alter ego: I can read your thoughts, right? Why do you think of "me me and only me"? It is time you tried to make difference in the world.
ME:  Wow! Ok, how about.. how about.. why cant... (asleep)
Jan 1st 2014:
Every other earthling to me: Happy new year! So what is your resolution?
Me to Others:
Resolutions? ME? Just what are you implying? That I need to change? Well Buddy as far as I am concerned, I am perfect the way I am! 



<P.S. Did I say Calvin is my soulmate?>

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