A kickstart??!!

I wish I could is a constant rumble of our minds' often make.. it talks of things that you can't right now, 
but you wish you can.. I constantly pep talk myself on things I wish I would. Yeah that shows my not so good side.. These are things I can do, I want do but don't do.. I know these things are exactly what I should be doing, but I don't.. If I can steal the jargon from Covey, these are the quadrant two activities -the activities that need to be done, important but not urgent. So that is the key word, these are not urgent. Nobody sets me a deadline to dread. Even i myself dread to set a deadline to them, for fear of failure. The following are probably my wish list., not a bucket list which probably makes sense, because bucketlist has a deadline -the eventual death. So go on..

I wish I would write a story, novella or atleast an one pager. I know I could but I don't.. Doubt me? There are a few witnesses to my story telling ability. Probably more than you want to know because if you know I might have to kill you (I know that was lame)

I wish I would a learn new language. You know my survival kit Hindi, which probably doesn't suffice.

I wish I would dust my poetry skills.

I wish I would find some time to sketch some portraits

I wish I would complete that elusive 5k.

I wish I would revive this almost dead blog.

I wish I wish I wish.. I don't.. What irks more than things you can but you don't.. probably things that you try doing but you can't do well. Oh like my singing, wait! I don't sing.
Seriously this is more of rumbling than an actual post - to give a kick start to my writing again.
So I guess that's an Alright-y start..

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