A kickstart??!!

I wish I could is a constant rumble of our minds' often make.. it talks of things that you can't right now, 
but you wish you can.. I constantly pep talk myself on things I wish I would. Yeah that shows my not so good side.. These are things I can do, I want do but don't do.. I know these things are exactly what I should be doing, but I don't.. If I can steal the jargon from Covey, these are the quadrant two activities -the activities that need to be done, important but not urgent. So that is the key word, these are not urgent. Nobody sets me a deadline to dread. Even i myself dread to set a deadline to them, for fear of failure. The following are probably my wish list., not a bucket list which probably makes sense, because bucketlist has a deadline -the eventual death. So go on..

I wish I would write a story, novella or atleast an one pager. I know I could but I don't.. Doubt me? There are a few witnesses to my story telling ability. Probably more than you want to know because if you know I might have to kill you (I know that was lame)

I wish I would a learn new language. You know my survival kit Hindi, which probably doesn't suffice.

I wish I would dust my poetry skills.

I wish I would find some time to sketch some portraits

I wish I would complete that elusive 5k.

I wish I would revive this almost dead blog.

I wish I wish I wish.. I don't.. What irks more than things you can but you don't.. probably things that you try doing but you can't do well. Oh like my singing, wait! I don't sing.
Seriously this is more of rumbling than an actual post - to give a kick start to my writing again.
So I guess that's an Alright-y start..


  1. Kick yourself and get up.. laziness is like wine.. older is grows harder to resist

  2. Hello there,
    Here's Doveranalyst as promised.
    Quite a post there, hun.

    Loved your comment on my blog and came here.

    Do NOT keep wishing and doing nothing about it.

    There's always hope.

    When you push your ass and go on working things change. I know how links get comments into spam.

    But you might like my post 'Getting Things Right. LIKE right now'

    There are times when working towards our wish get us going. Everyone fails. It's not a big deal. But if you don't even try, you won't ever know!

  3. Just as if promised I actually went on to copy the url but not sure if Google will let it get out published or it will spam it up again.

    Hey Google, if u r listening this is a just a link of blog post to help one of my readers and blogger. So don't spam it please.



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