Just a friend!

Today I am sharing one of those oldest poem I wrote and I wasn't ready to share it with the world (yes I am slightly crazy like that). But now I feel different and I just am ready to do anything to get out of this lull moment - what other than doing something that I avoided doing :)

Since, nine or ten, we were
Everything did we share;
You broke a tooth of a foe,
Who twisted my left toe;
You dropped off games
When I wasn’t joining;
My notes you always ended losing
Making me call you, names;
We were best of pals
Without any big equals.

We never left each other’s side
Till u brought her, with pride;
You raved on and on about her beauty
Her back and call became your duty;
You told her, I was your friend
Gone was the term “best”
And I became one of the rest
Lesser turned the time we spend
Then I wanted to move far off
Maybe, to a planet, unheard of.

It was then, he was brought
You told him, his luck ran out
And the crowd roared with laughter
Still- it made my heart shatter
Long I would be gone, afar
When, if at all, you came to know
What I had to undergo,
In u it’ll leave a deep scar,
Because I know I still am best friend,
Maybe just a best friend till the very end

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