Book review: I am Ella. Buy Me

What would you do when nothing goes right in your life? What would you to keep your finance trouble at bay? No, I am not talking about my own life, but the life of Ella from the book "I am Ella. Buy Me".

I am Ella. Buy Me is set in the 80s in which Ella struggles against the inequality between men and women in the advertising world.

Book: I am Ella. Buy Me
Author: Joan Ellis
Genre: Fiction - Periodical, Chicklit
Main Characters: Ella David , Peter Richards, Tom Tyler, Adam Hart, Jan
Setting: 1980s, UK
Ella is a copywriter in the mad Adland, who is determined to fight her way among her lecherous boss Peter Richards, too cool and handsome Alan, schmoozing Josh and other weirdos at work and keep her and her mother away from evictions. And her reckless sarcastic behavior doesn't help either. Her boss is horrible and often passing her ideas as his own. Her only solace seems to be eating cake at the right and new places, with her best friend Adam, and the company of Wally their watchman.

She is almost fired and exactly at the time of dire need Tom arrives in her life. He is gorgeous, funny, lightens up her world and is in love with her. He even writes a song for her and offers to move in with her and share her mortgages. She declines the offer and he does move in anyway. Things change pretty fast when she gets re-hired and pretty much handle Peter's role while he was away and gains respect from her colleagues, and makes amends with Peter's secretary, Jill. On her personal front she finds Tom was cheating on her all the while and breaks up with him and throwing him out. Her friendship with Adam and Wally seems the only thing that keeps her going. But Wally's death puts her into perspective and understands from his life about what is important in life.

I loved that anyone who had(s) a horrible boss could resonate with Ella and her getting caught up into one mess after another would hit quite close to home to few (me included). She wants to better herself but ill luck seems to follow her. But the happy ending was quite expected and appreciated - she deserves it.

The setting did remind me of 'Mad Men' with Ella as Peggy and Jill as Joan. Ella as the one who has it to fight up the corporate ladder while Jill knows to give in and get what she wants, as in take up what she deserves. Jill actually grew up after a while on me.
But why 3 stars only? I couldn't love Ella, though I could justify her actions with reasons of my own but still.. I could not see the integrity and strength that Ella is supposedly portraying. I tried to see her strength but failed. I also wish I had seen more of Adam for he was the most likeable character in the novel and the part about his relationship with Jan was too short to understand how they survived so long and why they did break up. Maybe I am asking too much. But I simply didn't get enough of Adam. I liked the writing style and I would look forward to reading more from the writer.
Disclaimer: I received this book from the publicist free of cost in return for an honest review.

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