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Book Details:

Book Title: Tribal Affair by Matt Dallmann
Category: YA Fiction, 277 pages
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Matt Dallmann
Release date: July 2017
Tour dates: Oct 9 to 27, 2017
Content Rating: G (No bad language or sex)

Book Description:

Dahlia, a centuries-old genie, lies hopelessly trapped in a damaged golden locket charm attached to an ankle bracelet. Its owner, sixteen-year-old Liana, wears it for the first time during her father Jamison’s opening night illusion spectacular. Not only does its presence cause Jamison to folly his performance, but it also starts a chain of bizarre events that lead to a showdown with Dahlia’s mortal enemy, Stefan, and an unsuspecting romance between Liana and his son.

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Meet the author:

Matt Dallmann has a background in acting and holds a BFA from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. His films and screenplays have been featured at film festivals across the United States including Cinequest, Big Apple Film Festival, Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival, DragonCon and Zero Independent Film Festival. His piano compositions have been published for commercial use and he is a member of ASCAP. Matt is also the Co-Founder and Vice President of the boutique medical billing firm VGA Billing Services, Inc. in New York City. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.

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I had opportunity to ask him a few questions, here are his replies.

Well, the upside is anyone can do it, and the downside is anyone can do it. All the cathartic expressions that are poured onto computer screens or loose-leaf paper are mostly lost in the sea of hundreds of thousands of self-published/traditionally published books every year. More often than not, our friends and family end up being our only audience, which I suppose is better than no one at all.

  • What are some great books you’ve read recently?
I’ve been revisiting a lot of Kurt Vonnegut lately. I really love Sirens of Titan. Right now I’m in the middle of A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, which is absolutely fantastic. It has a very elegant/sophisticated feel to it, despite the subject of budding communism.

  • What types of books do you read for pleasure?
I don’t really have one go-to genre for pleasure. I try to put three “to read” books out at a time: one contemporary fiction, one historical/social non-fiction, and one classic fiction that I haven’t read yet or want to read again.

  • What sort of research did you do to write your book?
I did quite a bit a research, mostly on-line. There are many different versions of “genie-lore,” so it was difficult to find the most accurate set of rules for the fabled wish granting. Some say you get three wishes if you rub the lamp, others say it’s one wish, some say the genie is set free after the wish granting, others say the genie stays trapped, etc., etc. I just hope in the end I don’t offend anyone who is a hardcore djinn enthusiast.

  • How often do you suffer from writer’s block and how do you deal with it?
I don’t get writer’s block often because I don’t wright as often as I should. I run a medical billing firm in New York City, so any time I have to write is a welcome retreat from the daily corporate grind. If I do get stuck, I try writing in a different location. That usually tricks my brain into feeling fresh.

  • If your novel were being made into a movie, whom would you pick to play the lead roles?
I would pick Gal Godot for the trapped genie Dahlia, but the other main character, Liana, would almost have to be an unknown younger actress. For the villain, I think the actor who played the “soup Nazi” on Seinfeld… or Ian McKellen.
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